Farm & Plant Machinery Salvage

We specialise in farm and plant machinery because we have the correct equipment and licenses to collect these difficult items and we also have 25 years of experience to know if there is any value to the items.  Most metal salvage companies in operation are not licensed to move this type of salvage and do not have the necessary vehicles to do so.

Fill out the form on the right and we will get back to you with either an offer to buy or a date for a free collection.  As a salvage company, we aim to find a use for the items we collect before they are scraped and melted down.  Your nuisence could be somebody,s missing jigsaw piece!

Typical salvageable items

Your Enquiry

  • If your have anything out of the ordinary that needs to be removed and wish to send us a picture then please do so, however this is not essential
  • Most collections are same day or as soon as possible. If you have a specific date in mind use the date selector below